Play as you learn

Dear Parents. Our Little abode. Aroma Kids play school started in the year of march 2018 since then it has been making numerous kids bloom n blossom from bud to fully
grown flower to make their presence feel in this copmpetitive world.We have dedicated our heart and soul in ythe building a sound foundation and to shape a successful future of children
.A truely unique of Aroma kids play school is that we create global and inspiring citizen for tomorrow by impacting values.we prepare children for later elementry curriculum in positive
and ebergetic environment. It is just not a play school but a revolutionary change in teachingtechnique and we did only because ,we strongly believe in parent feedback and their satisfaction
.we have always tried to improvise modern techniques of parenting &rearing child. The role play school and Parent is equal.One,without other can not achieve the best for children if we join
hands.then our children will definitely blooom into extraordinary personality.We assure to bloom our children future& maintain our parent faith by our endless efforts.

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Director Aroma Academy
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full daycare

Meet our Staff

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.

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Branch Coordinator Aroma Academy